About Us

Blerina and Iljana, we are two sisters who love to travel, meet new people, cultures and taste the gastronomy of the place that hosts us.

We are world-class travelers in economy class, we define ourselves exactly like this because we only need to choose our destination to take our trolleys.

No matter whether you are staying in a luxury hotel or traveling first class, we are certainly not hypocritical, if it were even better for the various comforts, but what matters is traveling.

This blog is called TwoTrolley, what we are, each with its own suitcase of memories. For us, traveling means growing, every time we leave space in our suitcase, not only for the souvenirs we buy, but above all to fill with memories.

We are lovers of photography, we shoot continuously to capture places and moments. The emotions we experience remain etched in our memory and in our hearts, the photos instead immortalize that moment that will last forever.

Think of the power and magic that has a photo, a video in one precise moment. Think of photographing a little bird in flight, it will fly many other times, but the photo will never be the same. The same applies to photographing the places we visit, if a place remains in our hearts we return, but the emotions and things we live in are never the same.

You will surely understand, from this about us a little bit long, that we do not have much the gift of synthesis, we always let emotions speak.

We with our twotrolley and you with the desire to discover with us the places, the people, the cultures, the cuisine and the itineraries we have to offer. As we always say, first we test and then we recommend, we love to be 100% sincere. In fact, among the itineraries we propose to you, there will only be places actually visited. The same is true for the food section. Every restaurant that will be reviewed and recommended will have been tested by us first, as a demonstration of having been there every time we will attach the receipt between the photos.

Get on board, let the journey begin. Follow us and comment to compare us on the topics of this blog.