Agriturismo in Sardinia, where to eat the pig!

agriturismo in sardegna

Today we want to take you with us to Sardinia. There are so many agriturismo in Sardinia, but not all of them the piglet is made as tradition wants.

This summer Blery spent his holidays in Sardinia, in addition to having visited beautiful beaches, he also toured several holiday farms. When you go to a land like Sardinia, you must inevitably follow the tradition and we really like this aspect.

As we said a few years ago there are so many agriturismo, some are discovered directly on the site because on the internet, for one reason or another they are not there.

The right farm where to eat the pig in Sardinia.

Municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi was the setting for the second stop of Blery’s holidays. After a day in the sun, among the beautiful beaches of the area, for lunch only fruit to stay light, Blery in the evening gave himself the luxury of tasting and discovering the farmhouses of the area. E ‘went to this farm in Sardinia, precisely in Teulada, a dinner at the beautiful location surrounded by greenery that offers the farm Sa Tiria.

In this place she came back twice, but we take one step at a time.

Agriturismo Sa Tiria!

The farmhouse is surrounded by greenery, away from the chaos of the city. You breathe just an air of peace and tranquility. Once you reach the location, it is advisable to arrive for 8.00 pm / 8.30 pm because in this way they serve all courses at the same time, you find yourself in front of a beautiful and large veranda set.

Once they made us sit down, they immediately bring the drink, house wine, both sparkling and natural water and the bread basket. Carasau bread is on request, at least to us both times they didn’t bring it.

Appetizers, vegetable platters, local cured meats and goat and sheep cheeses are a delight. You can feel the superior quality compared to other farms in the area.

agriturismo in sardegna

Even with the appetizer you can taste the Sardinian flavors, but let’s proceed with the delicacies for the palate but also for the eyes. We know that those who love to travel also love to eat well, learn about the gastronomy of the place they are visiting.

The first are absolutely delicious, ravioli with cheese, seasoned with tomato sauce and Sardinian gnocchetti called malloreddus with sausage sauce. To give even more flavor to the dishes, they also leave the pecorino on the table. Really very good and tasty, so much so that we made the shoe.

It will be that hunger begins to be felt at this moment, but I would like to go back there again to taste this delicacy again. Believe me, we also tried Sardinian restaurants in Milan, but the result is not the same.

Piglet, the king of Sardinian cuisine. Agriturismo in Sardinia.

Second courses always carry two, spit-roast suckling pig and stewed sheep. I do not want the vegetarian, I respect all the animals, but to a great porceddu I don’t know how to resist. On this holiday, my husband and I, with whom I usually travel often, have tasted different types of piglets and can be said to be reliable in telling you the following.

At the Sa Tiria farmhouse we ate the mile of this holiday pig. The one cooked to perfection and without a little fat, I personally am a lover of fat.

agriturismo in sardegna

Being that the stewed sheep does not make us crazy we kindly asked if it was possible to give it up and have a few more pieces of piglet. The first night we had dinner they said yes without problems, on the second night instead (a different waitress) told us no, that the pieces were contacts and therefore NO.

Let’s say that the success of a dinner also depends on the kindness of the staff, don’t you agree? On the first night the waitress was attentive to everything, on the second night she didn’t even notice that the bread was finished, or remember to bring us both natural and sparkling water. Small errors of distraction probably, but that somehow influence the dinner.

Having said that I would definitely go back, if you are in Sardinia or planning your vacation near this town, I suggest you book at least one evening at this agriturismo.

You’ll see that you’ll thank me for eating really well. Are you a lover of spit-roasted suckling pig?

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