Cervia 2019, three days in Romagna, what to do?

cervia 2019

Like every year I went to Cervia again in 2019. Let’s say that for me it is a fixed stage, just to do a few days at sea in a relaxing location.

Taking vacations in Cervia for more than a week I think it becomes a bit boring, but if you have young children it could become the perfect destination.

cervia 2019

We stayed at the Villa del Mare hotel, located on Lungomare Grazia Deledda. Let’s say that as you can see from the images it is a beautiful 4-star hotel. We chose the formula only with breakfast and it must be said that it was fabulous. Nothing is missing, breakfast is good and plentiful, so you can eat what you want and how much you want.

For lovers of savory breakfast, like me, they prepare at the moment on request the scrambled eggs with bacon, really good.

Our room was sea view, nice balcony where you could spend relaxing moments, too bad there wasn’t even a chair. Ditto for spreading beach towels or other clothing, not even a drying rack or other was present. I greatly appreciated the mini fridge in the room, at least the water was always fresh.

What can you do in Cervia in 2019?

We know that with the heat during the summer days you are at the sea, here the beaches are beautiful, ample and for the little ones very welcoming. The biggest problem we say is that in the evening, but I’ve found this in different places on the sea. Long walks and little else, always if you don’t spend the evening at the restaurant or in the pubs on the beach.

For meals instead you don’t have to worry, there are hotels that offer the all inclusive formula and you are really good, you just have to deal with the extra kilos. In Cervia, as in the whole Romagna you eat too well to be able to stay on a diet, don’t you agree? During the holidays of this 2019 I put on 2 kg, luckily I have been able to restrain myself sometimes.

If you are fond of discovering the places, Cervia also has to offer. You can visit the Salt Museum. I have been there and I loved it, I also bought some sweet salt to take home with me. Then there is the butterfly house, I haven’t been there yet, but I promise that the next time I go back I’ll do it.

We have chosen the period 10 – 13 August before leaving for Sardinia. We especially like it because August 10 is the night of San Lorenzo, or shooting stars. Given that despite having spent the evening with the head towards the sky of a shooting star I have not seen even one, but around 11.00 pm the sky lights up with fireworks.

In all honesty I must say that they are the most beautiful fires ever seen on the sea, after those of the municipality of Otranto. They shoot so many, the show lasts half an hour and several of them. The wait certainly deserves. On the IGTV channel of our instagram profile you can see a part of the fires that illuminated the Sky of Cervia in the night of the shooting stars.

For me Cervia is a fixed stop during the summer and if I have to be honest I also spent New Year 2019, but in winter there isn’t much to do.

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