How to decorate your home for Christmas and travel with your imagination

The moment we are going through is really very difficult and talk about travel as well, but we can travel with the imagination and discover together how to decorate the house for Christmas.

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, a unique moment that still manages to make loved ones sit around the same table. When we were little, Christmas was different, there weren’t all the material gifts of now.

Our grandfather prepared a handbag for all the grandchildren, everyone received one at Christmas, we thought it was Santa Claus who brought them to us, but as we grew up we understood that it was our grandfather’s love for us. Are you wondering what was inside? All things to eat, which could help to pass the winter more lightly. Walnuts, almonds, dried figs, oranges and much more would have kept us company.

Our Christmas tree when we were little was a bare pine cone tree, but true, with the branches shooting where they wanted 🙂

We were in love with our tree and decorated it with DIY decorations, with the paper and festoons our mother bought us.

No matter how ugly it was, compared to what we have now our little tree, we were happy. We had everything we wanted, a table of 30 people, we cooked all day before and also the next morning for Christmas lunch and we all lent a hand. There were the grandparents, whom we miss so much, uncles and cousins, we were a beautiful extended family.

What memories do you have of your Christmas as a child?

How to decorate your home for Christmas and travel with your imagination?

In this period we usually have booked to go to see the Christmas markets, we did it again for this year and then had to cancel. Usually the place we choose is in the mountains, the snow and the lights create a dream atmosphere and bring back the Christmas spirit.

More than receiving gifts we like to make them, so in the markets as well as filling the eyes and heart with emotions, we can also find many wonderful things to give as gifts and to decorate the house. Have you already made the Christmas tree?

We have seen that this year, the lockdown will also have been an accomplice, but many VIPs and they did not compete who would make the Christmas tree first. We want to respect tradition and we wait for December 8th to give free rein to our creative imagination. Follow us on instagram to see what our tree will look like this year, here we leave you a photo of the previous one.

Come decorare casa per natale
Albero di natale, anno 2019

We love refined decorations, we have eliminated the festoons and added the stars, let’s say that we have chosen them in a more modern key, but always with feeling. Each decoration chosen has a meaning for us, an example; the mushroom reminds us when we used to go around with our grandparents to look for them, the poinsettia because our mother has a green thumb and her hard record, it passes Easter and goes beyond. The owl because they say it brings good luck and the various travel and fashion decorations dedicated to our two blogs.

On top we wanted to put two little birds kissing, because the most important thing is always love.

Where to find inspiration to travel with the imagination?

One of the social networks that gives the most inspiration, both for travel and for decorations is undoubtedly pinterest. This year we have seen that white and gold decorations are very trendy, they are certainly spectacular. However, by investing heavily in our decorations we do not have an unlimited variety to be able to divide them by color, but an idea could be the color block Christmas tree …

Here you will find all the inspirations on how to decorate house for Christmas and travel with your imagination. It will not be exactly the same as going around the Christmas market, but we can do it. Next year, in the hope that covid-19 is gone, we will have the opportunity to create even more decorative ideas.

Have you already made the Christmas tree? Would you like to tag us @twotrolley and show us? We will put your photo back in our stories.

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