Holidays in Albania 2019: what to see!

Are you looking for a low cost holiday but full of spectacular pristine beaches and turquoise sea? Holidays in Albania 2019: traditions and emotions is exactly what you need. Right now, not to make you envy, but I’m right on the beach, with my laptop writing these lines.

Maybe because I really wanted some sea, welcoming people and above all to see my city, but here I am to give you a first floured of my holidays in Albania.

I simply love it, this year I decided to spend the holidays in my home country: Albania. Land rich in history, culture, flavors and places still unknown to explore. This year I took it easy, I’m spending the month of August at the sea. I preferred to start from the numerous beaches of my beautiful city: Durazzo!

With this article, in my small way, I would like to bring you here, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and sunsets that reflect on Caribbean beaches.

Beaches to visit during the holidays in Albania!

The coast of Albania, characterized by traditional villages and crystal clear waters reminiscent of the Caribbean sea, will be the main panorama of your on the road itinerary to discover Albania.

To be able to admire the beauty of Albania, I suggest you go down the coast from Durres to go down to touch Saranda and Ksamil (the other bank of the island of Corfu).

The route is almost 250 km long, and here you can visit cities, villages, villages, wonderful beaches, in short, everything perfect for holidays in Albania.

Another itinerary is the one that from Durres rises towards the north, up to the border with Montenegro. For those who love mountains and very different scenery from the Adriatic coast, the north of Albania will offer you what you are looking for.

Albania is a country in constant growth where ancient traditions survive and above all it offers a spectacular nature; beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, plus you will find warm people who speak Italian and English as well as Albanian.

What look do you want for a country rich in landscapes?

As for the look, I opted for comfortable and colorful outfits. I love short and colorful dresses for the day and long ones for the evening, because in the evening the wind makes itself felt and nature with it.

For a holiday worthy of respect, shorts, tank tops, flat sandals and lots of sunscreen couldn’t be missing.

For me, August is a month full of emotions and fabulous sunsets, it will be hard to go back to everyday life, but alas it touches us. The holidays are ending and you have to deal with reality, but I still enjoy a few sunny days. Now I greet you and continue to sip my fruit juice, take wonderful pictures that I will show you in the detailed article when I return. For those who have not yet visited Albania, stay connected and the items will soon arrive for you with all the places I visited this summer and lots of useful tips.

I hope you enjoyed the spectacular images of Albania from the north to the south of the country! I remind you, as always, to follow our stories to see the places we visit live.

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