Holidays in Puglia, ready to leave …

vacanze in puglia

Today, last day of work, 2020 was by no means an easy year, but so far we have made it. Holidays in Puglia for us too, finally we leave.

Last night, after having done, undone and redone the suitcase for the umpteenth time we managed to close it. We didn’t want to take the entire closet with us, but we didn’t want to leave out anything essential either.

The clothing we have chosen has been calculated on the basis of the different stages we would go on. Blery returns for the fifth time in Salento, but still can’t wait to arrive, for Ily it will be the first time.

It is said that Italy is all beautiful and we agree on this, not to mention how well you eat in the beautiful country. Puglia, however, unlike other regions we have visited, according to Blery who has been there several times, has something magical.

It may be that it reminds us of the warmth of the people, like when we were children, the elderly ladies who sit outside the door of the house with the chair, to enjoy a coffee in the company of a chat.

For some, such scenes could be surreal, but in Albania, when we were little, it happened exactly like that. These are distant times for us, but of nostalgia for the simplicity of feelings.

Our holidays in Puglia have been organized in stages, let’s go straight to the heart of Salento, to make 10 days of pure relaxation, visit fabulous places, such as Lecce, Otranto, Gallipoli and many others.

This blog, as you may have understood by now, was born from the desire to introduce you to the places that we ourselves visit, and sometimes those that we would like to visit. Our list of places to explore is long, but this year we dedicate it to Italy.

As we said, our holiday is in stages, we cannot go to Puglia and not see Alberobello, a world heritage site, as it was recognized by Unesco, or Polignano al Mare, the birthplace of Modugno.

Salento we are coming, holidays in Puglia

Our holidays will focus mainly on Salento, a land of long traditions and beauties to be discovered. Here we have the baroque Lecce, the beautiful Otranto, the romantic Gallipoli. The beauties of Salento are many and only ten days are certainly not enough to see everything. Blery, as we said a little while ago, comes back for the fifth time and still doesn’t feel like saying he has seen everything.

Salento knows how to surprise every time, until now every time in a positive way.

The sea is spectacular, crystal clear water and fine white sand as we like it. Puglia and Sardinia are often compared, but it is not possible to compare two regions so different from each other. Puglia does not only delight in natural beauty, but also in food and wine tradition.

Have you ever been to one of the many Salento festivals? If you want to live in Salento and the local cuisine, you cannot miss at least one festival and eat especially the delicacies they cook.

The festivals in Salento are real village festivals, where traditional music is danced and local cuisine is eaten.

vacanze in puglia

We do not want to reveal to you all the stages that we will do immediately, but we promise that upon our return you will be able to read about all the places visited, with useful tips for your next holidays.

Happy summer holidays 2020 and we will reread in September. Tell us about the places you will visit and we will update our already very long list.

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