Indian restaurant, where to eat in Bergamo!

ristorante indiano

Indian restaurant in Bergamo where to eat? If you are from Lombardy and you want to eat at the Indian restaurant we have tested one for you.

By now you know that, even before you bring the review of a restaurant back to our blog, or leave it on our Tripadvisor profile, we really test it. That’s right, let’s go physically to discover the place where it is and to delight us with the delicacies it might have to offer.

One evening, not long ago, we went to the restaurant Food village restaurant which is located in Dalmine, in the province of Bergamo. For those who live nearby it is really convenient to reach once you exit the highway.

That was a rainy evening and so, despite the rain, we still didn’t want to stay home for dinner. Looking at the various proposals for Indian restaurants in the area, we were struck by this, close to home and good from the reviews read.

Once we arrive they make us sit down, we immediately notice the kindness of the staff, even if in all honesty they made us wait a little before asking us if we had booked.

The room looks very good, the interior is well furnished, the modern design and the perfect music, very lounge to favor the conversation and create the right atmosphere.

As you can see from the pictures, we also liked the mise en place very much. The colors perfectly match each other.

What to order at the Indian restaurant?

The time comes to order and the waiter brings us the menu. After deciding which dishes to taste, let us show that we are ready. If we can make a small constructive criticism, the waiter should be less afraid of talking to the customers, uttering the words slightly more loudly otherwise it is really hard to hear it. In this, perhaps a little bit of inexperience sins.

We ordered two appetizers, some basmati rice, shrimp in a spicy sauce and tandoori polo, also in a spicy sauce. We also wanted to taste the bread with cheese and the one filled with meat. The bread stuffed with meat had a little little in reality, but the taste was very good of both.

In our humble opinion the portions are a little bit abundant, so much so that we added some more bread to finish the sauces. As far as quality is concerned, we found it to be all very good.

indian restaurant

If it happens to us again we will be back for sure, we always like to taste new dishes in restaurants where we found ourselves well.

Do you like eating at an Indian restaurant?

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