Sushi all you can eat in Milan, for a tasty lunch break

When it comes to the lunch break we are super prepared. Working in Milan and having only an hour’s break, we must always find a nice place to have lunch and have a chat. Milan is full of all you can eat sushi, but not everyone is the same and above all they don’t offer the same service.

For us who have, just one hour of pause is essential the speed of the service. We tried several before we wanted to reward this restaurant, reviewing it in our blog. The idea of the reviews is born, not only to introduce you to restaurants where to eat, but also to bring back a direct experience that could be useful to you.

Where to eat sushi during a lunch break in Milan?

Kamii, the restaurant in question is located in Viale Abruzzi 88, really a few steps away from Piazza Argentina. We working nearby have the opportunity to make the most of the time and enjoy a tasty sushi lunch break in the company.

As you can see from the photos, always taken by us, the raw material is good. To be a sushi all you can eat we have no criticism to make of the raw material or even the layering.

If we can find something that we didn’t like, it’s fried chicken, a little chicken and too much, but really too much batter. For the rest it all seems really good, let’s say that there is also a different choice for those like Iljana who don’t eat raw fish.

Speed of service at the sushi all you can eat

The first time we went the service was really slow, we complained several times, but orders were slow to arrive. As we said above for the lunch break speed is everything.

It must also be said that the restaurant is always full and probably everyone is asking to be able to receive the light at the speed of light.

But we have found a foolproof system to be able to eat well, so much and fast. In this way we can make the most of our lunch break.

Want to know what our system is?

Before we even go to the restaurant, we contact on whatsapp, we have the menu sent to us (just once, it’s the same), we choose the dishes we want to order and send the order. When we arrive at the restaurant a table is waiting for us, most of the dishes are ready (obviously the raw and cold ones) instead the rest brings it to us gradually. In this way we not only manage to eat without stress and without stressing by calling the waiters several times, but we even take coffee.

Please note that here as in all all you can eat, if you do not finish what you have on your plate, you pay the penalty.

Do you want to know if we recommend it and if we will come back again?

Absolutely yes. But where do you go to eat sushi in Milan? If you have any places to suggest do not hesitate to write us in the comments.

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