Fresh homemade pasta – courgettes, shrimp and cream

pasta zucchine, gamberetti e panna

The days of this quarantine go by slowly, so we all discovered ourselves a little chef. We not only go around tasting the dishes in restaurants and reviewing them for you, we also got our hands in the dough, the fresh homemade one, in the truest sense of the word.

First we made the homemade pasta, in our case we chose to make the tagliatelle. Here is how to prepare excellent tagliatelle, not mushy, but tenacious.

Ingredients for fresh pasta

  • 300 gr of flour 00
  • 100 gr of semolina flour
  • salt q.b
  • 4 medium-large eggs

How to prepare fresh homemade pasta

Place the two flours on the work surface, mix them together and then make a nice hole in the center. The four eggs and the salt will go into that hole. Start mixing everything using only your fingertips. When you see that the dough starts to compact slightly mix well starting to mix all the ingredients. Once you have obtained a homogeneous dough you have to knead by pulling the dough for 10 minutes. Occasionally beat the dough on the work surface. This will help the pasta to be more elastic.

Once your dough is ready, cover it with plastic wrap and let it rest for about an hour. After the shutter speed has passed, you must flour the work surface and start rolling out the dough. Personally, we divided the dough into several parts in order to spread it better, since we had to do it by hand and without the pasta machine. With the help of a rolling pin try to roll out the dough fairly fine, but without breaking it. If you see that it attacks, all you have to do is lightly flour it. The flour is recommended only if necessary otherwise if you put too much, during the cooking the water of the pasta remains floury and also the pasta itself.

When you are finished rolling the dough, roll it up on itself and cut with a knife finely enough. Once you have obtained your circles of pasta, open them and lay them on a baking tray or a nice large plate, to obtain the effect you look at in the photo below. In this way the pasta will have time to dry while you start preparing the line of ingredients for the sauce.

pasta fresca fatta in casa

Ingredients for seasoning fresh homemade pasta

  • 4 courgettes
  • 500 gr of shrimp
  • pepper as needed
  • fish nut
  • 250 gr fresh liquid cream
  • garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • White wine

Procedure for preparing courgettes pasta, shrimp and cream

Let’s start by preparing the line to be able to cook the ingredients. Wash and cut the courgettes into strips, let them dry and in the meantime take a wok or a nice large pan. Smaller courgettes are better, they are tastier and tastier, large ones tend to be drier.

Put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and two cloves of garlic, add a little bit of fish nut and brown for a few minutes, without burning the garlic, otherwise the dish would become bitter.

Add the courgettes, which you have previously cut into strips, and fry for a couple of minutes, then blend with the white wine. Then add half a glass of water, cover with a lid and cook the courgettes (check the cooking by testing the consistency, but they will be ready in about 10 minutes).

At this point add the cream and shrimps, drain the pasta a little al dente, add it to your preparation where it will finish cooking by mixing.

Season with salt and pepper if necessary. Eventually you will see that it will be a success and will please not only you, but also the other diners.

fresh homemade pasta

On our instagram profile you can find other photos of recipes that we have yet to write and explain on the blog. For a more immediate view, for any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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