Sea in Calabria, a dip in the blue!

Sea in Calabria, a dip in the blue could only be the right title for this article. After the wedding we could not leave immediately for the honeymoon, so we decided to have a weekend in the sea of Calabria, more precisely in Tropea.

Yes, we took advantage of the beautiful sunny days that this wonderful summer is giving us and we left without thinking twice. As soon as we arrived at Lamezia Terme airport we felt this gust of African heat, the sun warming the skin and the desire to dive into a bath. Hand in hand, like newlyweds in love, we have withdrawn our luggage and set off to discover this wonderful land.

First of all, we immediately stopped for breakfast even though it was 11am, and yes you can do it in Calabria, life takes place with more calm and few people run like in Milan. It is not a criticism of anyone, let’s be clear, on the contrary, I love calm, even if I run like crazy every day, I prefer it. According to my husband I am a sloth, although it is obviously not true, he tends to always exaggerate.

Sea in Calabria, everything we saw from the window of our car.

Arrived in our room at the hotel, we find on the bed this beautiful little heart of towels, love if you are reading this article, know that you have to learn to do it … so at home you let me find a little heart every day 🙂

I find it so romantic! Although I have seen that in the Maldives, one of our honeymoon destinations, they make it all kinds.

Once the suitcases have been dismounted, we immediately set off to discover this wonderful place. The photo you see below was the view from the terrace of our hotel Rocca Della Sena, which was slightly on the hill and offered this magnificent scenery.

The hotel has a beautiful panoramic terrace, hot tub and outdoor gym. On the terrace you can enjoy a splendid sunset in the company of an excellent spritz.

As I said before, the hotel offers a magnificent view. That same evening we opted for an aperitif on the hotel terrace, we certainly couldn’t miss the sunset. It really deserves, beautiful, colorful, romantic … for a moment you seem to be in another dimension, losing yourself in your deepest desires. It is nice to be able to get excited again at the sight of the sun that blushes every night.

mare in calabria

The following day we went to discover the beaches of Tropea, also called the pearl of the Mediterranean, a reference point on the coast of the Gods. White sand beaches, crystal clear sea and great food make this place the perfect destination.

The beaches are all beautiful, the sea in Calabria is nothing short of fabulous and we were there for a relaxing holiday. On the beach where we went there was also a beautiful, though small and simple kiosk. The waiter, a really kind and hospitable guy, prepared bruschetta di ‘nduja before lunch time and distributed it among the umbrellas. Yes, even if I had tasted this spicy delight before the holiday, I still fell in love with it. The first impact is to have your tongue on fire, the first bite explodes in your mouth, leaving a trail that is not forgotten.

Beaches with a view, lunch with a view!

The photo I leave below is the view from the kiosk where we ate several lunches. We say in all honesty that it was an invented place, but I really appreciated the work to do, even if I had little, to satisfy the needs of each client.

Being struck by the goodness of the bruschettas, of ‘nduja at the airport I stocked up and once back in Milan I also found her at the mall, so as not to remain without it. You can use it on bruschetta for a spicy note, or prepare an excellent risotto. When I prepare the bruschettas I also put a pinch of yogurt sauce so I balance the spicy taste with the freshness of the sauce.

A shot stolen to show you the protagonist of this land, the Tropea Red Onion, known throughout the world. Carlo Cracco also says this in his book, if you want to be cool, use shallots, even if it’s from Tropea even better.

A bit of sun, sea and relaxation was needed, waiting for the next destination, I greet you and send you many spicy kisses.

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