Things to see in Vipiteno in one day

Cose da vedere a vipiteno

Maybe many know it for the Christmas markets, it will be, and it is almost certainly because of the many offers of day trips that we read on each site under the Christmas period. Vipiteno is much more than this, but let’s tell it from the beginning this itinerary of ours in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Let’s see together the things to see in Vipiteno in one day.

What to see in Vipiteno in one day?

My husband and I (who when we organize trips is also the photographer for the blog), we decided to take a few days off to not spend New Year 2019 at home. We like to explore places both in summer and in winter. Any place in every season brings its magical atmosphere and Vipiteno, which is located in the province of Bolzano in Trentino Alto Adige, is not far behind.

The day was cold, December 26, 2018, but we decided to go, encouraged not only by the information read on Tripadvisor, but also by the desire to see the much-mentioned Christmas markets. Departure from Milan, the first destination of our journey would have been Innsbruck, followed by Salzburg and then Munich. Since the cold but sunny day promised good traffic, there was not so much, we decided to stop in Vipiteno.

We arrived in the area around 12:30, the perfect time to have lunch and enjoy the typical products of the area. Indeed it was. We parked the car near the center and decided to have lunch right away and then enjoy the walk through the Christmas markets and the streets of the center.

It was decided to have lunch in the beautiful restaurant “Lillie”, I took the trio of dumplings and my husband the spatzle with spinach with gorgonzola cream, I who do not love this cheese I found them really very good. As you can see from the image it must be beautiful to also have lunch outside, maybe in spring and less cold days than winter ones.

Cose da vedere a Vipiteno

Our mission was to discover and understand what and what to see in Vipiteno in one day. The day continued with a walk through the streets of the center, towards twelve’s tower, 46 meters high, it almost seems to touch the clouds as well as being a symbol of the city. It became a symbol not only for its height and beauty, but also because it serves as a door that connects the old city to the new one. Do you know why they call it that? Simply because every day at 12:00 the bells ring.

Cose da vedere a Vipiteno

Continuing towards Torre delle twelve we reach the road and we see the mountain more and more closely. To be honest we hadn’t consulted Vipiteno’s Weather, but we would have liked to see a little more snow. For those who like to take a romantic journey and get lost in the streets of the village, a beautiful horse-drawn carriage will take you to discover a small magical city.

By now wandering, she had made herself certain and had to go back to the car. Wonder if we saw Vipiteno’s Christmas markets? We have seen them, even if to call them Christmas markets in my opinion is a bit oversized. Actually, for Christmas markets we mean about ten to fifteen stalls, honestly speaking I would have expected something more.

As a lover of beauty and a blogger, I certainly could not fail to photograph the details that could please me and let me take a picture too 🙂

For the moment I greet you and give you an appointment at the next article where I will talk about my stay in Innsbruck. I hope you will find it useful and have an idea of what to see in Vipiteno in one day. Although I went there last year, I’m sure that if you are planning to organize for the holidays, it will still be useful.

If so, let me know in the comments. Always in the comments for every doubt or question.

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