Traveling sitting on the sofa, with the imagination

viaggiare da seduti

In these days of forced closure we cannot speak of travel. We are aware that planning trips in this period is extremely difficult. But let’s say that nothing is impossible. How about starting from the most important and perhaps never made trip? Traveling sitting on the sofa helps to be comfortable, comfort is essential for the journey of life.

How many times have you happened to look inside yourself? I mean seriously, analyze every detail and analyze you. The forced closure time we are experiencing could be used to do exactly that. See and understand what are your strengths, your weaknesses, those to grow and work on to improve.

You could use this period to think about your business model. Think if your job satisfies you and look for alternatives in case of a negative answer. What about relationships with others? Using this time to clean social contacts, keeping those with whom you really interact, helps to strengthen relationships.

We don’t want to sadden you or even give you such a difficult task if you don’t feel up to it. Now make yourself comfortable and read on, because we take you to travel with your imagination. Traveling is always possible, even when everything is closed. Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit museums that you haven’t done due to lack of time.

Well we will let you visit one today. We take you directly to New York, the big apple. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, we ourselves have not yet visited. Several films that have shot in this splendid location, one of them is the Manhattan film where Woody Allen, sitting on the old sofa of his house, draws up the list of things worth living for. It could be a beautiful example of pastime, maybe a list of things we would like to do when we get out of this situation.

We offer you the virtual tour of the Guggenheim, one of the most beautiful museums in the world. You can admire everything, including the view of Manhattan from the terrace, and without having to queue, directly on

Traveling on the sofa in your own home is possible. If the decree prevents us from visiting museums, technology instead needs to help us. We can easily make beautiful tours of museums scattered around Italy. In Milan, the Pinacoteca Brera allows you to admire closely the masterpieces of world art history kept inside.

Not to mention the Uffizi Gallery in Florence that offers Ipervisioni: high definition images of the masterpieces of virtual exhibitions, from Botticelli to Cimabue.

With a simple click we are in the capital, Rome. We can enter the Markets of Trajan-Musei dei Fori Imperiali, choosing the language to follow the tour.

In this period we can really visit all the museums, which we have never done for lack of time. Just search the web and there are several solutions, for young and old.

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