Bergamo valleys 2019, colors and flavors

When the temperatures drop a little, but the days are still beautiful, the sun shining from the morning, there is nothing left but to get up and plan the day. The Bergamo Valleys, our neighbors, so we said why not take advantage of a day in the midst of nature?

We are like this, always lovers of the sea, but we know that in the autumn / winter season the sea becomes difficult to live, especially for us who love long walks on the sand and diving like when we were children.

Valli Bergamasche 2019 what to see?

Mio marito, che da bambino ci andava sempre, quindi per lui tornarci è diciamo un’emozione in più, ha voluto, giustamente coinvolgere anche me. Pensate che we often go to the Bergamo Valleys, the place I reveal to you in a little while, where he also tried to make me a marriage proposal. He had organized everything, being that he leaves nothing to chance, restaurant on the valleys with a view, the helicopter trip over the mountain, and finally the proposal. Time was not on our side that time. Let’s say that everything has been skipped and I have settled for a simpler but equally exciting proposal.

Which Valley is it? Does Valle Seriana tell you anything?

Clusone is a municipality in Lombardy, in the province of Bergamo, more precisely capital of the Seriana Valley. We simply love going to this valley and getting lost in the greenery it has to give. We like the silence we breathe, away from the city, where even the most hidden dreams take shape, wanting to become reality.

Clusone also offers a lot to see for the most curious, or those who really are real tourists or history buffs.

You can visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, which rises in a dominant position on the inhabited center, with the south side facing the city. Equipped with a porch with arches and columns that overlooks a spectacular staircase, perfect for those looking for a nice photo to post on social media.

Do not forget to see the Fanzago Planetary Clock made of corten steel, has a diameter of three meters, illuminated with LED lights, accompanied by two words “Welcome to the City of Clusone” and “Goodbye from the City of Clusone”. Symbol of the city!

More and more often we happen to forget what surrounds us by looking for places far away, but sometimes it is really enough to see what we have in the vicinity. There is no need to discover the world if we do not first discover the place where we live. A part of us are the roots that that place has been able to give us, the memories that gave us, the flavors that bring us children.

Speaking of flavors, where to eat in Clusone?

The Bergamo Valleys have a lot to offer even in terms of local flavors. When we go to Clusone we usually stop at the Ristorante Pizzeria La Baitella, a restaurant in the heart of the valleys. At first glance, the idea of being a refuge in South Tyrol is a little bit.

Inside the atmosphere is welcoming and then the scents do the rest. We tasted an appetizer of cold cuts and mixed cheeses, then a casoncello and pizzoccheri. What about everything really good. Certainly red wine cannot be missed to warm the spirits.

Clusone offers a magnificent scenery, so green on one side and the snowy mountain as soon as you turn your eyes, what to say I love being in contact with nature. As a child I often imagined myself in the mountains, under the covers watching the snow. Well for me and my sister the snow was a dream, in Durres it never snowed, so we always looked at it in the movies and imagined it like this:

small chalet in the mountains, with large windows so you can see it well and maybe hot tea, growing tea replaced with wine 🙂

I love feeling the light breeze that caresses you, seeing the colors and spending hours in the silence of the valley.

valli bergamasche

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