Visit Lake Garda and its surroundings in winter

Visiting Lake Garda seems simple, but in reality it is not. Let’s start by saying this not because it can be difficult to reach, but because being the largest lake in Italy, there are so many things to see.

We all know how fascinating the lake is, a location also coveted for many weddings of compatriots and non. Usually we think of walks along the lake in good weather. Spring is my favorite one, but having been there also in winter, I must absolutely confirm how much it has its charm even in winter.

What to see on Lake Garda? More precisely in Riva del Garda?

Riva del Garda is a town that was born on the north shore of Lake Garda. The strong winds make it a popular destination for windsurfers. The steep mountains on one side and the lake on the other make this place very suggestive. The historic center is made up of picturesque streets and several shops and restaurants, many with a beautiful lake view. One thing that I loved very much are the colors of the houses, very instagrammable, these colorful houses reflecting on the lake.

One thing that will absolutely not escape you is definitely the Apponale tower, which is located on the eastern side of the main square in the center of Riva, Piazza III Novembre.

It is 34 meters high and is certainly very majestic. At the top of the tower you can see the small bronze angel, it is called “Anzolim” and is the symbol of Riva del Garda.

visitare lago di garda

We were the first days of the year and the temperature was quite cold despite the sun, especially in the evening. During the day, however, it is quite good, we took advantage of a long lakeside promenade and in the streets of the center. In the evening the atmosphere becomes even more suggestive, it will be the play of lights, but the scenery changes and it seems to be in a completely different place.

We could not resist and although we are old enough now, we are still unstoppably children within us and so the train has won us over. That’s right, the little train you see in the picture takes you around the streets of the center and the lakefront, as well as giving you a breathtaking view from above. We took it the moment the sun was going down and we were lucky enough to see the mountains blush.

In the evening, the Christmas stalls that last until the epiphany will keep you company with delights for the eyes and the palate. If you don’t feel like sitting in a restaurant for hours, the stalls are a perfect solution for a tasting dinner. Do not be afraid of the cold because they are really well equipped, the mushrooms distributed along the stalls will certainly warm you up. You certainly cannot make tourists without tasting the food.

Noi siamo fatti così, amiamo, oltre che scoprire le bellezze locali e culturali amiamo anche assaggiare tutto ciò che è tipico della località che visitiamo. Sul canale IGTV del nostro profilo instagram @bambystrips potete vedere anche un piccolo video del luogo. Ovviamente per dubbi, domande o consigli scriveteci sempre.

We are like this, we love, as well as discovering the local and cultural beauties, we also love tasting everything that is typical of the location we visit. On the IGTV channel of our instagram profile @bambystrips you can also see a small video of the place. Of course, for doubts, questions or advice, always write to us.

What to see around Riva del Garda?

If you are in Riva del Garda you certainly cannot take the time to visit the Varone waterfalls, which is one of the most beautiful things to see when visiting Lake Garda. The water of the falls is precipitated with great force into a ravine inside the mountain. The mass of water of the Varone torrent, falls from a height of 90 meters into a rocky funnel, forming the waterfall, now equipped with ladders to allow its guests to admire it up close.

The lower cave is located 1 meter above the first runner. After 115 steps, through the botanical garden, you get to the upper cave where you can see a magnificent spectacle. You absolutely cannot miss this beauty.

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