What to do on New Year’s Eve in Venice

cosa fare a Capodanno

Venice is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy to celebrate the long-awaited New Year’s Eve. Given that Blery will be celebrating this year in Kyoto, most likely in one of the beautiful temples and following the ritual of the 108 strokes, for us who stay in Italy where to celebrate New Year? As you can see from the title, the destination is Venice, but what to do in Venice at New Year?

What to see on New Year’s Eve in Venice?

Venice is not just Piazza San Marco and it’s not just New Year’s Eve. In Venice you can spend several days very well and see everything it has to offer.

  • The Rialto Bridge offers a beautiful view of the Grand Canal, a photo taken will resemble a Venetian postcard. This is one of the most famous photographic points in the world. It has an S shape and in some points it reaches 5 meters of depth. We say that here you can breathe absolutely an air of romanticism, the gondolas that seem to circle over the water of this Grand Canal that divides the city in two for 4 km. Smaller but no less beautiful is the bridge of the Constitution and that of the Sighs which contends for fame with the Rialto Bridge. I recommend you have to deal with the many tourists.
  • Piazza San Marco is the only large point in the city, let’s say the only real square. Here on New Year’s Eve, if you are lucky enough to arrive early, you can enjoy the beauty of fireworks. I couldn’t get this luck when I was there. I’ll explain why.
  • The Palazzo Ducale, large and majestic. Beautiful despite having had several changes over the years due to terrible fires.
  • If you are passionate about art and religion then we can also recommend the Peggy Guggenheim, the most prestigious collection dedicated to European and American art of the first half of the 1900s. In this museum you will find the masterpieces of the most important and fascinating artists of the period: Pollock, de Chirico, Picasso, Kandinsky, Brancusi and Duchamp. We absolutely recommend a visit.
  • The large school of San Rocco, painted by Tintoretto and considered the Sistine Chapel of Venice.

There are so many things to do and see in Venice, but maybe we can go into it all in another article.

Now I’ll tell you why I couldn’t see the fireworks in Venice. I wanted so much, I had heard how beautiful they were and instead I just managed to hear their noise.

I stayed in Mestre and I went to Venice on New Year’s Eve. The boats had reduced the hours tremendously and nothing was passing that could take us to Piazza San Marco. It was 10 pm when we decided to walk and reach the great and majestic square. Walk and walk we managed to get close to Piazza San Marco, but the square did not have enough capacity for everyone. The funnel-shaped bays of Venice threw people into the square, but unfortunately it was not possible to see anything. I risked being crushed against a telephone booth and suffocating. A look at my husband (those boyfriends times), to see if he could at least shield his body trying to save me. We looked at each other and left, trying in vain to cross the crowd. The fires can be said to have heard them.

If your intention is that of the New Year in the square and above all to enjoy the spectacle of fireworks organized for time.

I hope to have given you, in this article, some ideas on what to do and see in Venice for the New Year and beyond.

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