What to see in Cabras – Sardinia, in a week

vacanze 2019

Cabras was our half for the 2019 summer holidays, in this article we really want discover with you this beautiful village and what to do in a week.

When we talk about Sardinia the sea is the first thing that comes to our mind, but there is much more to visit. All those who do not know this land, initially go solely and exclusively for that, but then it happens that you fall in love with them and return for several years.

We usually book the holidays well in advance, usually already in January / February we start to see to find the tickets for the destination. If you are also used to doing so , then article would be useful.

Departure from Bergamo, Orio al Serio airport at 21.30, due to logistical reasons of proximity, arrival in Cagliari always in late evening around 11.00 pm. At the first night we spent it in Cagliari, because we realized after making the tickets that the stand where to rent the car closed before the plane landed.

The adventure of the first night in Cagliari, maybe we’ll tell you about instagram stories so you can have a laugh with us.

The next morning we head to the airport to get the car. Car taken, leaving … away … long-awaited holidays begin. The first stop was Cabras, a small Sardinian town, of 9165 inhabitants in the Sinis peninsula, but they all live in great harmony both among themselves and with the tourists who invade the country every year.

As you can see from the photos the streets are very quiet, especially during the day and during the hottest hours. What we noticed was also order and cleanliness.

Where to stay in Cabras?

Arrived in Cabras we stayed at the B&B Supottai, managed by Barbara, a wonderful person even if in the morning she speaks a little too much 🙂 The breakfast she prepares is extraordinary. Every day we were able to have breakfast and with what was left we also had lunch at the beach. The place is located 150 meters from the center of Cabras, quite comfortable to reach the nearby beaches, always and in any case by car.

What to see in Cabras?

To be honest we lived the country the first day we arrived, we took the morning to explore the streets, see the various restaurants and attractions that had to offer. Honestly, in the evening he doesn’t offer much, besides dinners at the restaurant. The situation is different during the holidays and festivals that take place every year, many and different also in August. Being that there is so much to say, if you agree we can make an article dedicated to them. This is the beauty of visiting countries that know little or nothing, live them, live the local people and their traditions.

If, on the other hand, you do not love the beach during the day, or if you prefer half-and-half you can visit the Museum of Cabras. Inside you will find I GIGANTI DI MONT’E PRAMA, you can also book a guided tour.

This is the beautiful beach of Is Arutas, as you can see the sand is white even though 2019 was also the year of Posidonia. We believe that the sea does not need big presentations. The only thing, the beaches are not equipped, so get beds and umbrellas, if they are cheap in the various supermarkets. Of course you have to take into account the difficulty of having to carry them from one beach to another. We think it’s worth it to lie down comfortably.

We tell you this because, when you understand the windy day, lying down on the floor or on a deckchair really makes the difference.

When the sun went down, after getting well browned, we returned to our B&B to prepare for the evening, but often we stopped to enjoy the sunset.

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